View Full Version : Sim suggestions

08.05.2017, 10:11
The sim is already stunning.

But I dream about some enhancements:

First, and already asked, I'd like to see islands and coasts too ... It would be fantastic.

Then, the 3D view is fantastic, and to add ambiant I'd love to loudly hear the boats propellers "fade in fade out" when they approach, pass over the sub, and go away ...

Thanks again for this gem !

10.05.2017, 11:04
Thank you for your kind words! :)

Islands and coasts should be added indeed. We work on that. More ambient sounds will come too! :)

10.05.2017, 14:10
So nice, as the sim will become better and better ...

As you know, sound matters a lot in that category of "games" :)

15.05.2017, 09:47
Hi Moomin,
thanks for your support!
We love to improve SD and need such feedback.