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25.11.2013, 11:59
Ok, let's talk about the map. It's something I'm currently working on and pretty time consuming as it is a very important part of the game!

Here is the map, and it's pretty huge:

Midway is your start base and you can see you can cover quite an area. As we use a realistic environment, time compression is a must have of course. We do this automatically in map mode. So you select a sector there you want to go and your sub moves with time compression to the target sector. Ariving there you will forwarded to a more detailed sector map for fine planning. Of course you will be kicked out of map mode if something happens in between!

13.01.2014, 17:26
Happy new year! Development comes along and I almost finished the map. Added a calendar and time warp stuff! Nothing new to show yet but we make good progress after the pretty "workless" christmas days! :)

22.01.2014, 14:42
Ok, most of the map stuff is done. We're getting closer to the combat part, yay! The map provides you with zoom and setting way point plus activate and change the time compression mode.


11.03.2014, 16:47
Oh yes, this is still in development! :)

Here are some new screens from the map. There are now enemies.

Large overview map:

Closer detail map:

The ship itself:

14.03.2014, 16:50
YAY ! :) This is quite a juicy covoy you've got here !

16.04.2014, 11:58
I am stunned by all the high detailed video's and pictures you have shown us.

The forum appears to be quite quiet so I wasn't sure wether this sim was still being worked on. Well I am happy to see that development is very advanced already. I am looking forward to adding this to my collection. CC is waiting to drop you some cash.

16.04.2014, 12:01
Yep, the forum is quite, but we still work on this. It's quite a heavy project. :) Thanks for your support!

18.05.2014, 23:51
Please tell how I could download the Silent Depth game to my galaxy tablet. I would be very glad if I were able to play that interesting game.33

19.05.2014, 13:42
Hi Roger,

currently it's still in development so it can't be downloaded yet.

19.05.2015, 07:41
Today is the anniversary of the last update on the development. Martin, could you please advise everyone on the status of the project so we can all look for some other game to wait for? Or, conversely, so we can rekindle our hopes to see this thing come to light?

01.06.2015, 17:46
Happy anniversary then and sorry for the slow progress. Setting up a forum might had been a bit premature. Facebook updates are more often.
This will see the day of light and we will come up with a little surprise very soon! :)

24.03.2016, 01:53
Hi Martin
Could you please confirm the project is still alive?
It is still the best idea for an mobile phone game I have yet come across...
It wold be a shame to let it go...

04.04.2016, 10:49
Hey there, sorry for the late reply, just coming back from vacation.

Yes, this project is still alive. Due to its part time nature it evolves a bit slow... :/