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02.10.2013, 17:14
So as my old postings are gone I just want to let you know what happened so far, what works and what's still to do.

For now you can drive the sub, dive it, move the camera around, use the periscope, select a ship as a target and fire torpedos to it. The torpedo fire solution is computed during the target selection so as long as the target won't change it's course or speed the torpedo will likely hit the target. That way the player has not to compute the lead angle by himself, that's done by the (mechanical) on board torpedo unit. :cool:

The Balao class submarine has 4 tubes FWD and 2 AFT with a current reload time of 3 minutes per tube. Firing range goes up to 5,000 metres. In that case the torpedo would run about 3 and a half minute to its destination!

But maybe a picture is worth more than words, so here you are:


On the bottom you see the depth gauge, rudder angle, speed, rudder wheel, engine telegraph.
On the upper right there is the compass, upper left the view selection buttons (map, periscope view, standard view, etc). Below the torpedo panel, showing that tube 1 was fired, tube 2-4 are ready (and 1-2 AFT, too!).
On the top center there is the information about the target course, distance and speed and below the remaining torpedo run time into its target. The fire button fires a torpedo, the target button to the right selects the target and then there is the zoom button for the periscope.

02.10.2013, 19:06
Oh well, talking about diving I guess I should just show some more screens?




06.10.2013, 11:50
Testing 1WO new wave feature on a Samsung S3 with the horrible Mali Chipset.
And - it works!
Gut Johann, gut!


08.11.2013, 09:37
Am I reading this correctly? 3 and a half minutes to run 5 km = about 85 km per hour. Is this historically accurate for a steam or electric torpedo?

08.11.2013, 09:44
Ah I like that you ask that and look that deep into it!

The Mark 14 Torpedo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_14_torpedo) had indeed a fast speed setting of 46 knots which is about 85 km/h.

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Great Game!!

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very good game. All the best from china!

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Thanks guys! :)

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