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24.12.2016, 13:32
First of all thank you very much for releasing such a fantastic game, just in time for the holidays. It really feels like playing a modern version of Silent Service II or Silent Hunter on my iPhone. Commuting will never be the same again. Nothing like investigating a mysterious contact in dense fog (which turns out to be an enemy submarine shelling you) to convert a dull train journey into a thrill ride!

I just have two small suggestions for your considerations:

You use absolute compass bearings in the TBT and periscope. I am used to relative bearings, which I think was used in the old subsims. Could you implement that possibly as an option?
The gauges and screens are made with loving detail, but for us on smaller screens (like iPhone 5) - and maybe older eyes - some are impossible to read. Would it be possible to have some sort of zooming function or larger dial option in the settings?

One final observation: the game seems to be quite battery hungry. This may be down to my old phone, but can you give any tips on how to minimize energy consumption when playing the game?

Merry Christmas, and thank you again for a brilliant game. I really appreciate the attention to detail, and recognize your work as a true labour of love!

Please keep up the good work!

25.12.2016, 19:42
Hello Redwing
Merry Christmas.
Thank you for the very kind words. The game is not finish yet and we love to hear from players to make the game better and more functional.

I'm in work to make a better and nicer gui for the game like new gauges and needles. This will fit some problems with big screens like iPad and smaller displays. For the compass bearings we will discuss it.

The next Update will bring a lot of changes to game. I hope you have fun and stay with us for the next stage of Silent Depth.

Best regards and a warm christmas season.


28.12.2016, 11:47
Thank you, Chris. Merry Christmas to you, too!

Yes, of course I'll stay with you. You have a great game already, and your approach of taking players' feedback on board for game development sounds spot on.

I love the 'brassy' feel of the gauges and dials - you really got the spirit of the old Silent Hunter game nailed down pat there. The map modes are a perfect blend of Silent Hunter and Silent Service, taking the best of both to make it as visually attractive yet as playable as possible. The way you implemented weather and limited visibility makes night surface attacks a blast. I struggle to see the targets in the pitch dark, but I don't mind much, that's the way it was in reality, too.

Your sound and voice effects are also great. The shrill screech of an artillery shell passing me by almost made me duck the first time I heard it. Are you planning to implement more command acknowledgements by the crew? By the way - the sound sample for the gun deck (also a fantastic feature!) is not quite correct, as it says 'secure from battlestations', i.e. means to stand down. It should say something like 'Battlestations, surface' or 'Battlestations, gun action'. I seem to remember that there are some historic sound samples with the correct commands around on the web regards this.

Two more ideas which you might have heard before: campaign mode and historic scenarios.

The music is also very much in theme. Kevin MacLeod's 'The Descent' is a perfect fit. Very atmospheric!

Anyway, enough for now, must get back on patrol. Best wishes for a successful 2017!

28.12.2016, 21:08
Thank you also from my side! :) And thanks for your very valuable feedback, much appreciated! :)

You are right about this battlestations sound, it's at the wrong place and will be fixed within the next update. If there aren't any critical bugs the next update will probably contain already some more content and improvements. :)

A campaign mode and historic scenarios are indeed very good ideas. I'll put this onto my (ever growing) list. :D

29.12.2016, 09:23
Thank you Redwing. I love to read your feedback.
Historic scenarios sounds very good.

29.12.2016, 14:06
Hi! I got the game for my ipad now and it seems to run okay on my ipad 2 2011 model.

I am thinking that in game, there should be some classic "ping" sounds when the sub is being hunted for by ships - i am surprised that this sound effect would be missing.

Overall great work and definitely very reminiscent of Silent Service 2 which is great as i love that game too.

I have been playing the game on normal difficulty and it admittedly has not been that hard to play, it seems relatively easy to line up and take out any ship , this even applies for taking on cruisers and destroyers - is this perhaps too easy? one think in the older silent service games that made it difficult to take on fast approaching destroyers was that it would start firing its guns at my subs position even while at periscope depth and as such it could damage and even destroy me if i hung around, - this added challenge means one is more inclined to want to plan better for how to take on or elude destroyers and surface warships, and makes taking on a destroyer directly a more risky venture. Also i think if a destroyer is approaching my sub fast, it should do something to try and avoid any torpedoes i may send its way -currently it will stay on course and not maneuver even when a torpedo is coming right at it. (does the AI do this in hard mode only or at all?)

The depth charge attack runs are good - i think the AI is good here, and trying to outmaneuver the charges gets really down to the wire

also the enemy ships do not seem to do much in the way of zigzagging - they do it a little bit but not enough to ever make it an issue

31.12.2016, 12:31
Good points, agathosdaimon. A ping would be nice. Maybe "one ping only" :D

I did encounter zigzagging single ships that required you to close up to less than 1000 yards to secure a hit, and had at least three occasions where a destroyer outmanoeuvred my first salvo. I haven't played hard difficulty yet but will do that next to see what difference that makes. Thanks for the reminder that you can change difficulty settings! I like that the game is not too hard at first. Winning is more fun!

You are right about the depth charging attacks. I prefer to take the escort out first, as the AI's ASW skills are top notch.

Martin - you are very welcome. I love playing the game! The way you have implemented weather and limited visibility is really good. It is a challenge to line up for an attack in dense fog. Love the deck gun, too. Great sound effects, and recoil. Binoculars would be helpful here but I don't mind adjusting by Mark I eyeball to finish off a target. Good fun. Were you planning to arm merchant ships at some stage? I seem to recall that some of them carried guns for defence, and some Japanese Q-ships were tough nuts to crack for US submarines.

You may know that already but Richard O'Kane's books (like "Wahoo" or "Clear the Bridge") are excellent sources for historic scenarios, including attack run diagrams of various engagements.

One more suggestion: selecting the start date for the patrol, or randomizing it together with the sub assignment. Would also work well with campaign mode, giving options when to start the career.

You have a great game here which is very enjoyable to play. I hope you get rewarded for your efforts by good sales numbers.

A clean sweep for 2017!

31.12.2016, 20:54
Haha thanks guys! I'm going to answer more in detail asap, so far I wish you all the best for 2017! :) Thanks so much for your feedback here! Much appreciated!

02.01.2017, 00:41
First off, great game and graphics. Sub hunter and silent service were some of my favorite PC games. I have been waiting for someone to create a decent one for IOS and you guys are off to a great start. Here is some feedback for you after a short time playing the game.

1. I agree with Redwing, bearings on the periscope should be relative to the vessels bow. It might be better if you remove the periscope bearing indicator from the compass rose and change the periscope bearing info IN the periscope and TBT display to relative.

2. The rudder dynamic(response and overshoot) seems pretty good. The thrust/speed dynamic however seems to have issues. The sub accelerates too quickly and at a fairly constant rate. As you double speed, the drag quadruples. The vessel should initially start out fast then the rate of gain slows untill the speed where drag = thrust is achieved. Stopping is just the opposite, the sub seems to coast at a high rate of speed for a long time. When thrust is removed, It should initially decelerate at a high rate which reduces as you approach 0. A common practice to speed deceleration is to put on a backing bell untill just before you stop. When I do this in the sim, the sub stops then accelerates in reverse even though the control is at all stop...

3. Contact reports usually contain a little more info. Current time, Bearing and range to contact, Closest Point of Approach(CPA) and time of CPA(TCPA). Then atmospheric and visibility/sunrise/sunset info.

4. Torpedos are very expensive, cannon shells are relatively cheap. The gun was used wherever it was possible to do so. Guns use gunsights, sometimes telescopic with graduations to help you guage elevation angle to range. the cannon screen might be better if more like the TBT screen, maybe with a single circle rifle scope reticle to help it look different.

5. I think the annuncements you Might be looking for are "Battlestations surface" or "Battlestations Torpedo".

Anyway back to the game:)

03.01.2017, 13:34
i am playing the game more on hard now and its good and all but i think the AI needs some fixing, also the game on my ipad has been crashing a few times too - it is the latest version .85

the destroyers have perfect infinite range vision it seems which does not so much as make the game hard but actually makes it not very fun because it just means thesame thing happens every time - i select to go to the tactical game and my sub starts on the surface and is immediately spotted so now i just have to wait for the destroyer to come over and i can try to sink it as it comes or i crash dive, wait for it to do its thing and then sink it as it leaves

- effectively there is no real game here because i cant try out any tactics of trying to reposition to intercept the escort and the destroyer also has pretty impressive night vision too it seems
also the briefing descriptions about at what range my sub becomes visible seem to be irrelevant in hard mode too as i have bee n spotted well outside even the broadside range

it would also be helpful for some kind of in game guide to exist which tells me how many yards equal how many miles because the visibilty yards info is hard to use when the in game map is in square miles - you should have the visibilty and ship target range also given in miles at least

03.01.2017, 22:44
2000 yards = 1 nautical mile(NM). I note the zoomed in map display is I think labeled in SM which I am assuming means Statuate Mile? It should probably be labeled and scaled in NM. The Nautical mile is a marine navigation standard as 2000 yards(6000FT) represents 1 minute of Lattitude. IE: 60 NM traveled either north or south represents 1 degree of latitude cahnge.

05.01.2017, 09:29
Thanks! All noted. Will work on an update to change many of these aspects. :) Thanks for your feedback!

05.01.2017, 16:03
great! I hope you will be able to do something about the AI spotting behaviour in hard difficulty because the AI having infinite perfect vision makes the tactical game not very fun as one cannot hope to ever do any kind of maneuvering to get into a good firing position and worst of all the battle will start with the destroyers having already spotted me and coming at me. i have switched back to normal difficulty because at least then i can observe the AI without them coming for me right away from 15 miles away.

I think the hard difficulty would be better if instead you did things like make the exact map positions of the enemy no so precise - perhaps just indicating the general direction they are in at first and then not updating details until some kind of visual contact is made

also in hard mode is it the case that i cannot target the enemy using periscope at night? that it all has to be surface level? this is impossible to do without dying if i come across a destroyer at night as it sees me even though i cannot see it, and i have to be surfaced to fire a torpedo which means it can just destroy me. - this would be fine and all if it was the case that i still had some opportunity to try and elude the destroyer and attack the other ships but one simply cannot do this in hard mode because of the destroyers having perfect infinite vision

05.01.2017, 16:46
I noticed a couple of bugs last night
1. Started a patrol and found a freighter and sunk it. Found a convoy, 2 tankers and a escort destroyer(foggy conditions). Submerged and closed on the group to attack the destroyer. Closed to within about 3000 yards and fired on the destroyer, and fired on the destroyer, and fired on the destroyer. Expended all the forward torpedos each one running out it's time and exploding, I am assuming on target. The destroyer never altered course or speed. Surfaced and inside about 2500 yards destroyer turned to attack me. I actually got close enough to attack with the gun and hit the destroyer several times with the cannon as we passed stbd to stbd. The destroyer was firing at me but they appeared to be missing. As soon as we passed, with no apparent hits from the destroyer we all of a sudden incurred a bunch of damage and were sunk... I am running an Ipad pro with latest IOS...

2. I have noticed that when I restart a saved patrol, I am unable to navigate using the large scale map. I can click on the area I wish to sail to, the green ring appears but the program does not go into time compression and my vessel does not move...

07.01.2017, 20:51
Thanks for your report as well! :) There might had been a collision with the destroyer maybe or he just dropped some depth charges.

About AI spotting you're right, this is going to change.

08.01.2017, 08:38
some other thoughts too i have had after playing:

what happens in the game following a war patrol? anything? i went out on the patrol to the designated area sunk some ships and then went back to midway - is this it in its entirety? if i keep going out on war patrols do they get harder? do i encounter more varieties of ships?

also allied ships, may be have some of those being encountered also? at least closer to the midway and wake island bases

lastly also, attacking ships that are moving in circles - unless i get up to just a few hundred yards there is no way at all for the auto targeting to calculate the ships location, in this instance i felt it would be better if i had some chance to do some manual targetting at least, even if it is just some simplistic mode of the torpedoes being fired in the direction of where my targeting reticle is , this it least allows me to do some guesswork - being able to hit a destroyer that is doing a circle after i have slipped away from it is something i would like to be able to do , or just attempt even, as it is suicide to go and move to 500 yards from it to do this otherwise

08.01.2017, 15:49
Circling ships was an old bug. It's fixed since the first update.

09.01.2017, 03:24
oh cool, i have version .85 is there a new version out?

09.01.2017, 08:13
Hey there, no 85 is the current one. Ships should not circle anymore but of course they try to avoid getting hit. This won't happen in "easy" mode. Do they really drive 360 circles?

Currently you just go to war patrol, yes. You can spot different types of ships, escorts and convoys. Missions will come at some point, too.

09.01.2017, 17:17
- i was playing medium but i thought the circling was normal - they werent spinning on the spot or anything, it was destroyers circling at certain spots after they had detected me - but there was also a medium freighter with them and it was moving around in a circle - i thought maybe the frieghter was doing this as a protection while waiting for the destroyers to return

i wasnt so much concerned with the crciling itself, but rather how does one actaully even fire at such ships because al the auto targetting torpedoes will go wide, as is unable calculate a curved lead .

09.01.2017, 17:18
i think if you can get in carriers, and some aircraft that he player must hide from and or shoot down even

10.01.2017, 08:54
Carriers are already in but yes, air planes attacking you will come. :)

13.01.2017, 09:41
oh cool, the game has carriers thats great - i have been playing the game for a while and have gone on as many war patrols as my torpedoes allow but have not yet seen any carriers at all

13.01.2017, 13:41
just f.y.i. : I experienced the 360 circling freighters after loading / resuming a saved game. They were headed in a certain direction, but on loading they instantly started doing their circles. (downloaded the game 5 days ago, so i assume it's the latest version)

edit: Forgot to mention that i agree with some of the earlier posts, more sounds would be much appreciated. Diesel-/Electric engines, pings, maybe even some seagulls on the bridge are the ones i'm missing most for immersion.

16.01.2017, 09:13
Interesting. Thanks for letting me know. I think I'm going to simplify that loading/saving stuff quite a lot. It's incredibly complex at the moment.

For a PC game it would be much simpler because saving usually would happen at Midway (or any other base) and not within a fight. But on smartphones everything can be interrupted at any time, for instance due to a phone call... But I think this saving needs some rework and will be made easier in the upcoming versions.

23.01.2017, 08:56
I have a bug to report. I'm running the games on an iPhone 6 with iOS 10.2. Occasionally, when I have a target located with the TBT, and then submerge, I will be unable to update the target information (acquire the green triangle) with the periscope. I can see the target, but the green triangle and target information does not appear, and any torpedoes fires are not aimed at the target. If I surface and use the TBT, I can reacquire the target, but of course I am attacked by the escort, which defeats the purpose of being submerged.

I also second the previous request to updat the escort AI behavior. I seem to be spotted based on range to the target, even when submerged with all engines stopped. Detection should be based on range, visibility, speed, depth, halocline, and relative movement. It's impossible to sneak up and attack in the middle of a convoy in the game, even though that was a favored tactic of the most successful skippers. Also note that only a few Japanese ships had radar in the war. Refer to Clear the bridge, by Richard O'Kane, or Japanese Destroyer Captain by Taimechi Hara for some great reading, and the USS Pompanito virtual tour for technical information.

Good job on the game design, pace, and atmospheric effects; I see the Silent Service influence. Others have noted the sound effects "secure from battle stations" was inaccurate, but I'm sure you'll get to those things.

With regard to war patrol areas and friendly ships posted by another member, subs on patrol could shoot anything that moved, as long as it wasn't a hospital ship. Patrol areas were set aside for each submarine, to help prevent fratricide, and they were alerted if friendly forces were passsing through, but this was rare. There were no friendly merchant ships.

23.01.2017, 13:16
Thanks for that helpful feedback, much appreciated!

Regarding the unability to target a ship again. Could it be that you already hit it and it was sinking? Sinking ships are tagged as such "non targets" internally.

Destroyer behavior will change with the next update I currently work on.

23.01.2017, 20:18
No ;) I wish. It was a destroyer. I'm trying to attach a screenshot

24.01.2017, 01:35
i had this problem once that Bimmer is describing, but it was on a mission that was at night so i was thinking maybe it cant target through the periscope at night - which is something i have come across in some other sub games where you cant use it at night - but Bimmers photo changes this, maybe i was encountering a bug also

24.01.2017, 09:35
I try to fix the problem but i can not reproduce it.
Is it possible that you go out the running app and come back?

25.01.2017, 04:44
I'll try to duplicate and come up with more specifics. It seems to happen with convoys, not single ships. I'll give more details when I can